SEK Property

We are a small, family-owned, local business. 

We are very selective about our tenants. We think YOU should be selective about who you rent from. Here's why:

  • Some rentals on the market are not well maintained. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars in updating and improving our properties, to make them attractive and comfortable for you. We do our best to ensure they are clean as a whistle when you move in.
  • Some rentals are properties the owner really wants to sell. When the market is slow, the reluctant owner rents as a fall-back position and becomes what is called an "accidental landlord." You never know when they will decide to put the unit back on the market, meaning you will have to move AGAIN. They may require constant showings while it is for sale, which is an inconvenience for the occupants. Our properties are long-term investments that we have no plans to sell.
  • Some property owners lack experience as a landlord, and do not know how to respond to problems and ensure that the property is maintained. A large corporation that owns many rentals may be distant and non-responsive. When doing repairs, their focus is often on saving money. We have a limited number of rentals, so we can provide better service. We try to respond immediately to questions and problems. We use quality materials since these properties are a major investment for us. We also don't want to have to fix something twice or inconvenience the occupants.
  • All of our properties have a refrigerator and oven. If you bring your own appliances, we will remove ours to make room for yours.
  • We take our responsibilities seriously. We expect our tenants to do the same. If you know you cannot afford to pay your rent on time each and every month, or do not intend to abide by your rental agreement, we are NOT the landlords you are looking for! I can assure you we have NO reservations whatsoever about evicting tenants under these circumstances.
  • We generally do not rent to people with pets because of smell, allergies and damage.
  • Sorry, we never rent to smokers - quitting, outdoors or otherwise. It is almost impossible to get the smell out, and the tar from smoke coats walls, windows and woodwork.
  • Like most landlords with mortgages, we need to be assured the property will be well maintained, and that the rent will be paid on time, every single month. We know that, due to circumstances beyond their control, some people have a less than spotless credit history. We believe that most people who have lost their homes to foreclosure or divorce or a temporary job loss never want to be in that situation again, and can be responsible tenants. If you are willing and able to regularly pay the rent on time, every single month, we are willing to take other factors into account, such as your more recent credit history, timeliness of payments for places you have rented, job situation, bank balance, etc.